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Kindergarten Curriculum

Mes teachers

MES curriculum for our kindergarten programs are designed around creating a fun and engaging English experience for young children. In addition to our after-school classes, MES also provides a specialized curriculum of  in-school programs taught during normal school hours at various Gifu kindergartens. These lessons are scheduled in advance by the kindergartens and can be from once to four times every month.


Our kindergarten lessons are pre-planned and tailored to each school in order to maximize learning potential. Generally, these lessons take the form of interactive “shows” for the children which the native teacher and Japanese teacher explore various subjects through English communication.  The presentations strive to encourage our students to learn, have fun, and be inspired though singing, dancing, and humor-filled skits. Energetic, positive, smiling, laughing, and the ability to understand the communication needs of children are all important attributes MES requires from their teaching staff. As well, being an engaging presenter will result in more smiles and more laughter amongst the kids.


One of the cornerstones of our kindergarten curriculum is that our lessons are, like the after-school lessons, taught in tandem with a Japanese teacher. As each lesson is thoroughly rehearsed with major teaching and engagement points discussed, the two teachers together are capable of creating effective learning environments for students of even the most basic speaking level.