Life in Gifu

Life in Gifu

Gifu is an ideal place to live while teaching in Japan. Although it houses a busy downtown district full of all the restaurants, nightlife, and karaoke you can imagine, it offers a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere than cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Situated just south of the some of the best countryside and natural wonders Japan has to offer, you will not feel trapped in a concrete jungle.

Whether your interests pull you towards the famous mountains of Nagano, the fairy-tale like villages of Shirakawago and Takayama, or to the bustling city of Nagoya, you will be living in an ideal location in central Japan.


Kinka Gifu Castle View

The view from Gifu castle nestled atop Kinka Mountain.

Takayama in Snow

Take a stroll through the historically preserved streets of old town Takayama.

Horado River

Gifu is a wonder of natural beauty with many places to hike, swim, camp, and explore.

Gifu Heritage

Gifu is a hub of cultural heritage including many temples, shrines, old town districts, and it’s own unique traditions. Festivals celebrating Gifu and these traditions can be seen all year long beginning from New Year’s Day to the winter ice festivals of the towns in northern Gifu.

One of these traditions is the famous cormorant fishing along the Nagara river. While there are a few areas in Japan that employ this method of Ayu fishing, Gifu’s display of cormorant fishing is remarkably the largest in all of the country.


Gifu Castle and Mt Kinka

While the prefecture is home to a few impressive castles, the most famous is Gifu Castle nestled atop of Kinka mountain located in the heart of downtown Gifu City.

Nagoya and Aichi

Thanks to it’s prime positioning in the center of Japan travelers to Gifu can very easily branch out to almost all of Japan without having to be too concerned over budget or travel time.

Only a brief 20 minute train ride away is the bustling city of Nagoya, the fourth most populated city in Japan.