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MES English Teaching

Our educational system is prided on a three-fold teaching philosophy:

  • Waldorf/Steiner education emphasis
  • Dual-language teaching style
  • Interactive curriculum designed on a long-term perspective

Waldorf/Steiner education emphasis

We have developed a curriculum based on “Steiner Education.” The pedagogy of this educational philosophy
emphasizes the role of imagination in learning, striving to integrate holistically the intellectual, practical, and
artistic development of pupils.

Dual-language teaching style

All of our classes are led by native English teachers. The importance of learning foreign conversation with
individuals who have spent their entire lives conversing in that language cannot be overstated. This exposure
and interaction for the children will help train their ears in the correct comprehension and pronunciation of
the language.

Each class will also have an experienced Japanese teacher. Their translation abilities, along with the necessary
skills to manage the classroom and ensure the students are learning in a safe environment, provides for a
much smoother experience for all the involved parties.

Interactive curriculum designed on a long-term perspective

We believe that providing a fun and interactive English lesson for the students is of the utmost
importance. If the students are not engaged and enjoying their time in class, then they will attach a negative
connotation to the English language, thus hindering their future studies and language acquisition.

Our curriculum has been tried and tested over the course of nearly 25 years, and we believe that it provides
young learners with the opportunity to develop a solid foundation in the English language, giving them an
enormous advantage when graduating to the Junior High School level. With that being said, we are constantly
evaluating our processes, and adapting our methods to stay in line with the advancements in educational
theory and technology.